Why I'm Running

I am running to fight for middle and working-class families like mine. I will bring compassionate, responsive leadership back to Washington. In the same way I've fought for patients, veterans, and our American way of life, let me fight for you!

About Dr. Kyle

Dr. Kyle Horton is an internal medicine physician with years of experience working in public policy. Dr. Kyle comes from a family that has always worked hard and served our country. Her great grandparents were farmers in Eastern Appalachian Kentucky. Both of her grandfathers fought in World War II. Her Papa landed in Normandy D-day plus one. Her uncle fought in the Vietnam War and her Dad served at the Pentagon during Vietnam. From blue-collar roots, both of her parents retired from careers as factory workers with General Motors.

Dr. Kyle keeps her family tradition of striving, serving, and succeeding. She's a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She worked hard through medical school to earn both her Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Medicine in 5 years as part of a rigorous physician leadership development program. Her physician peers selected her as the Outstanding Senior Resident at the end of her training. She came back home to southeast North Carolina in 2012, which is where her parents also live and retired.

Dr. Kyle remembers the promise our country made to the people who defend it. She has served veterans as a physician in the Department of Veterans Affairs. She even stayed on to teach training doctors veterans’ care. She served as part of a special post-deployment team to care for Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom veterans. After witnessing some of the delays, she became a fierce fighter for them on Capitol Hill. She’s worked for years educating, raising awareness, and shaping policy to address the public health crisis of veteran suicide. One of her proudest moments was celebrating the passage of the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act in the U.S. Senate gallery alongside Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Having graduated high school in Flint, MI, she recognizes the importance of having clean, safe, and healthy environments. She has represented concerned North Carolinians protecting the region’s farmland, waterways, and beaches from big polluters. She's led meetings with the White House administration in relation to her opposition to offshore drilling.

Dr. Kyle honors her roots by fighting for working families and veterans. She has the qualifications, experience, and respect for our American values and way of life to make Eastern North Carolinians proud of their Congresswoman. She knows firsthand the challenges the hardworking families of the 7th district face finding decent, affordable healthcare and well-paying jobs. She will hold these struggles in her heart as she fights to restore caring, responsive leadership in Congress.

Dad's side of the family who owned a farm in Eastern Appalachian Kentucky. Also pictured here, my Papa who fought in WWII.

When I first learned how I could serve my country and made lifelong friends--Girl Scouts.

Training to save lives in critical care
Dad on the floor of the GM factory

Why Support Dr. Kyle

Dr. Kyle comes from blue-collar roots, has worked hard through medical and business school, served as a Veterans Affairs doctor, and has been volunteering for veterans to have better healthcare after their service.

She fights every day for patients, jobs, and the American way of life -- she will fight for you too!

The hardworking families of Eastern North Carolina need a representative who remembers where she came from and who fights to create opportunity for us all.


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