Why I'm Running

As a doctor, I’ve devoted my life to caring for people. In the clinic, I've seen the struggles of the hardworking families of North Carolina—their American Dream is on life support. Their health and wellbeing are under constant threat: wages stay low, healthcare costs rise, and even drinking water is contaminated. The good news is, the Doctor is In. I bring to the table a history of bipartisan leadership and am committed to finding practical solutions to our toughest problems: Revive the American Dream. Save our Health Care. Protect our Water. From the clinic to Capitol Hill, I am on call for you.

Dr. Kyle's Rx For Congress

Our current tax system rewards hoarded wealth instead of hard work. It’s time to stop corporate giveaways and tax scams for the super-rich that come at the expense of the rest of us. The responsible collection and use of taxes is essential for maintaining a healthy economy that works for all

American workers need an economy that restores opportunity to share in the nation’s wealth and assures their financial security. Investments that meet the needs of a 21st century economy, such as infrastructure improvements, workforce training, and internet access are fundamental to bringing prosperity to our region and this country.

We are better than partisan extremism and polarization. The promise of this country and hope of the American dream will only be realized if we listen to one another and work together. Dr. Kyle believes in putting people over politics to unite us around our shared American values.


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