Why I'm Running

As a doctor, I’ve devoted my life to caring for people. In the clinic, I've seen the struggles of the hardworking families of North Carolina—their American Dream is on life support. Their health and wellbeing are under constant threat: wages stay low, healthcare costs rise, and even drinking water is contaminated. The good news is, the Doctor is In. I bring to the table a history of bipartisan leadership and am committed to finding practical solutions to our toughest problems: Revive the American Dream. Save our Health Care. Protect our Water. From the clinic to Capitol Hill, I am on call for you.

Dr. Kyle's Rx For Congress

We are better than partisan extremism and polarization. The promise of this country and hope of the American dream will only be realized if we listen to one another and work together. Dr. Kyle believes in putting people over politics to unite us around our shared American values.
Dr. Kyle believes every American has a right to quality health care. She will fight for practical solutions that put the needs of our families first, and not those of pharmaceutical and insurance company lobbyists.
From a family with multiple generations who’ve bravely served this country, Dr. Kyle knows the value of a strong national defense. Yet to preserve our standing in the world and keep us safe, we also need measured, diplomatic approaches to foreign policy.
American workers need an economy that restores opportunity to share in the nation’s wealth and assures financial security for their families. It’s time to stop corporate giveaways and tax scams for the super-rich that come at the expense of the rest of us.
A strong public education system is the bootstrap of opportunity that will allow ALL our kids to lift themselves up, so we can kickstart our 21st century economy. Dr. Kyle believes in the power of investing in public education at every step, from universal pre-K to affordable higher education.
Veterans deserve more than flag pins and promises. From caring for Veterans as a VA doctor, to advocating for them on Capitol Hill, she has worked to ensure we fulfill our sacred obligation to those who have served and their families. Veterans fought to defend our freedoms and she fights to defend our Veterans.
We all have a fundamental human right to clean water. Our kids should never be guinea pigs at the hands of Fortune 500 corporate polluters. Dr. Kyle pledges never to accept their dirty money and always stand up for healthy, safe environments for future generations.
Our oceans should never be for sale to the highest oil and gas bidder. Instead of moving backwards to a polluted, over-industrialized economy, we must protect clean industries like fishing, recreation, and tourism on the Atlantic coast, which provide 1.4 million jobs and $95 billion in GDP.
The fabric of our democracy faces a serious threat. Lobbyists for greedy special interests shove American voters out of the conversation. Dr. Kyle pledges not to accept Corporate PAC money and promises to work to get the money out of politics once elected. She will never forget to put the needs of voters over big donors.


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